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Corrugated Plastic Political Yard Signs

Corrugated plastic is ideal for outdoor campaign yard signs or large format political road signs.


Corrugated plastic political campaign yard signs are tougher and last longer than polycoated cardboard. Corrugated plastic campaign signs are waterproof, weather resistant, stain resistant and can be washed clean. Corrugated plastic is the material perfectly suited for political campaign yard signs. Campaign yard sign are rigid but larger sizes like campaign road signs may require framing.




Screen or digitally printed

Two side print standard



Weather Resistant

Cost effective


Easily stored and reused

Order with or without stands


Life Span

Ease of installing



Political campaign yard sign prices below include a standard single color on white 4mm material on TWO sides. Single sided prices are available by request via email. Stands are priced separately as some people already have stands. All other charges are listed below.

Political Campaign Yard Signs

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H-stands are wire stands that insert into the corrugated plastic sign flutes. Most popular is the 10 x 30. The 6 x 24 stand is slightly more rigid.

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