Return Policy

At Campaign Graphics, your satisfaction is our goal!

Damaged Items

Unfortunately, damage can happen to items during transit.

Please inspect your shipment at the time of receiving it. If there is visible damage when it is being delivered, you must note it with the delivery driver at that time. It should be noted on the shipping receipt before accepting your goods.

If damage is concealed and not visible, please note it as soon as it is found. Take photographs of it and contact the delivery company immediately.

All claims for products damaged during shipping or delivery are between you and the delivery company. We will always do everything possible to assist you with any claims.

Defective or Mis-Printed Products

If your item is defective, please call 800-886-1707 immediately.

Calls must be made within 3 days of receipt of your shipment.

If your product was printed according to approved artwork, we assume no responsibility for mistakes.

If your product was not printed according to approved artwork, we will promptly work to solve the problem.

If colors are slightly different than expected, please be aware that Pantone (PMS) colors are impossible to attain. The colors are guides and will be matched as closely as possible based on the printing process and materials being printed. Pantone colors are for guides – we do not guarantee perfect matches.

If you said to make a color “Sky Blue” and didn’t provide a PMS color as a guide, you assume the responsibility that the color may not meet with your approval after the fact. We assume no responsibility for colors such as this.

Typically, we ship overage and don’t charge for it. This is due to the fact that to get an exact number of prints being perfect is impossible. We therefore ship overage on some jobs to make up for possible mis-printed products.

To receive credit for mistakes in the production process, all materials must be able to be returned in their original packaging.


It is your responsibility to verify that the delivery receipt shows the correct number of boxes and skids being delivered and that the condition of the merchandise is acceptable. All shortages or damage should be noted on delivery receipt prior to signing for the delivery. Please contact customer service immediately with reports of damage or shortages.

Shortage notification MUST be made withing 3 days.

Customer Service is available at 800-886-1707 or email