Campaign Rally Hand Fans

Outdoors or indoors Political Campaign Rally HAND FANS are always a hit!

Nobody puts them down but they wave them to show support at indoor events or to stay cool at outdoor summer gatherings.

Hand Fans

“EVERYONE IS YOUR FAN” when they wave your Rally Hand Fan!

Put your campaign logo in their hands with a 22 point paper board hand fan.

* Hand Fan is UV coated with high gloss finish on front & uncoated on back.

* Rally Hand Fans can be printed on both sides

* Back side – design art to allow for a glued 8” wooden handle (see template)

Fans are mini billboards & perfect for branding a custom message. Great for political rallys, sports events or picnics and parades!

Plastic handles available

We’ve picked the 14 most popular styles for you to customize.

See our color chart for standard offset colors to use for the lowest prices and fastest turn around time.

Hand Fan sizes
Hand Fan shapes

Full 4 color/photo process OFFSET printed hand fans – minimum – 1000 pcs.
Lower quantites of Full 4 color/photo available as DIGITAL Hand Fans

To Order

Please choose a shape (name and number) and email us by clicking on “CONTACT US” (above).
We will email a design template to you or our staff can design your Campaign Rally Hand Fan for you (included at no charge for orders of 1000 or more)