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Campaign Sign Designs

This is the SAME DESIGN with VARIATIONS that can be made by just changing colors or fonts.

Customizing ANY of our Campaign Sign designs with your colors or fonts makes your sign AN ORIGINAL!

1 color sign design ideas

2 color sign design ideas

Campaign Sign Design TIPS


With Campaign Graphics, custom designs are not necessary. Although many campaigns supply their own vector graphics, some candidates benefit of using and customizing one of our tried and true designs.


Having worked with over 15,000 campaigns, we have seen great artwork and sometimes some that we wouldn't recommend. We've chosen some designs to give you a good starting point on branding yourself and keeping your logo and image consistent and professional. Just pick a design and then customize the colors and fonts to make your campaign image truly your own.


Variations of the "Standard Design Idea's" on this page have worked for candidates for smaller local campaigns to large statewide and even nation wide campaigns. Although we will print what ever is supplied, there are a few  guidelines that we have found to make your design successful.


1) Standard background material is white

2) One or two colors on white material is what is normally used

3) Photos on yard signs are considered FULL COLOR designs (photos are best on large format Road Signs)

4) Limit your design to as close to 7 words as possible

5) Emphasize 2 main items - WHO you are and WHAT you are running for

6) Use fonts that show strength (bolder is better and more legible)

7) Using standard colors saves time and money

8) Use colors that contrast with the background

9) Avoid using outlines or shadows if possible (they can make text harder to read)


Designs for these yard signs can (in most cases) be reformated to fit any size item from a bumper sticker to T-shirts to 4 x 8 road signs.


Please note the style number. If it begins with a 1 such as 104, it is a 1 color design. If it begins with a 2 such as 204 then it is a 2 color design. If you do not see a 2 color version of a #1xx series design and you'd like to have it, please contact us by phone or email us at and we'll get one of our artists to help turn your choice into the art you'd like.

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