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Political Campaign Lapel Stickers

Political campaign lapel stickers are another basic visual component of the grassroots part of a political campaign.


Lapel stickers are typically used at events where crowds will be.


When ordered from Campaign Graphics, lapel stickers come on rolls of 500 stickers on a roll, depending on sticker size.


The strategy of campaign lapel stickers is to use them at gatherings, either indoor or outdoor, having a volunteer handing them to attendees or prospective voters. At debates or forums, it is a visual tsunami when your opponent is staring at your supporters in the crowd. This can get him off his or her game while seeing your support everywhere.


Campaign lapel stickers are inexpensive and are printed in 1, 2, 3 or full (4 color - photo) process.

Political Lapel Stickers


Lapel stickers are an adhesive backed paper product.




Litho printed

10 standard papers

25 standard ink colors

48 Hour production standard (standard inks only)

4 standard shapes in dozens of standard sizes

Perforation between labels available (no extra charge)

Cost effective

Short term use - not reusable


Life Span

Ease of use


Most popular Campaign Lapel Sticker sizes and shapes

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